My Hogwarts House :

Superthumb green Superthumb aesthetic

My Ilvermorny House :

Superthumb harry potter Superthumb Superthumb
Horned Serpent

My wand :

harry potter harry potter
Cedar wood / Dragon heartstring core / 12" 1/2 in length / Unbending flexibility

My patronus :

animal Superthumb harry potter animal
The Wolf

My Pet :

animal black cat
Black cat

Favourite female character :

harry potter Superthumb harry potter Superthumb
Luna Lovegood

Favourite male character :

harry potter gryffindor Chicken daniel radcliffe
Ron Weasley

Least favourite female character :

Superthumb dolores umbridge Superthumb Superthumb
Dolores Umbridge

Least Favourite male character :

Superthumb daniel radcliffe harry potter harry potter
Gilderoy Lockhart ( i don't hate him, but i had to choose)

Favourite professor :

harry potter alan rickman patronus always
Severus Snape

Favourite Subjects :

harry potter harry potter
harry potter and expecto patronum image
potion and defence against the dark arts

Favourite Spells :

harry potter book book book
books, film, and spells image
protego / alohomora / imperio / expecto patronum / expelliarmus