So hi again :) i wanted to write an article about tattoos. I don't really like them but if i would get one it would be something like this:

colored flowers

ink, tattooing, and watercolour tattoo image tattoo, flowers, and art image tattoo, flowers, and art image ink, tatoo, and tatto image
these are sooooo cute! i think that these are the number one tattoos for me. I really like these colored flower bouquet styles especially if it's tattooed on arm.

different hand positions

tattoo, aesthetic, and beige image tattoo, aesthetic, and grunge image art, drawing, and flowers image hands, holding hands, and tattoo image
in tattoos i like really minimalistic and these really thin lines are so adorable. i wouldn't take a tattoo this big but i really like these on other people.


tattoo, waves, and nails image minimalistic, tattoo, and wave image tattoo, alternative, and art image tattoo, waves, and summer image
I love ocean so these are super nice. I like the variety that you can just get one line or you can get more artyish tattoo.

matching tattoos

Image by   tattoo, friends, and promise image tattoo image tattoo, heart, and couple image
I think you can get a matching tattoo like these and they'r are also cute by themselfs