▷Which house do you belong to?

cat, animal, and flowers image and, black, and filter image girl, city, and indie image Image removed

▷What is your patronus?

fox, animal, and white image dog, fox, and meraviglia image art, black and white, and design image wolf, animal, and eyes image
Arctic Fox

▷What is your wand made of?

hufflepuff, harry potter, and yellow image harry potter, wand, and magic image harry potter, wand, and magic image harry potter, glasses, and wand image
14 '' Dogwood wand with a phoenix core.

▷Favorite female character?

cat, ginger, and persian image Image by nxrcissamxlfoy book, aesthetic, and brown image harry potter, hermione granger, and aesthetic image
Hermione Granger

▷Favorite male character?

slytherin, harry potter, and green image aesthetic, draco malfoy, and harry potter image slytherin, harry potter, and draco malfoy image aesthetic image
Draco Malfoy

▷Female character you hate the most?

pink, clothes, and vintage image Temporarily removed pink, rose, and flowers image blood and write image
Dolores Umbridge

▷Male character you hate the most?

harry potter and ron weasley image kuroshitsuji, black butler, and sebastian image harry potter, tattoo, and slytherin image mouse and rat image
Peter Pettigrew

▷Parts that made you cry?

black and white, harry potter, and mine image harry potter, dobby, and harry image harry potter, fred weasley, and hermione granger image harry potter, always, and snape image
When Harry saw his parents through the mirror || Dobby death || Fred Weasley death || Always

▷What is your favorite subject?

harry potter, slytherin, and potion image potion, harry potter, and aesthetic image witch, magic, and book image magic, witch, and potion image

▷Favorite spells?

boy, pale, and photography image harry potter, lumos, and light image harry potter, expecto patronum, and spell image harry potter, wingardium leviosa, and magic image
Obliviate || Lomus || Expecto Patronum || Wingardium Leviosa

▷What pet would you take with you to Hogwarts?

cat, moon, and black image cat, black, and animal image cat, book, and vintage image cat, black, and animal image
Black Cat

▷Wand, Stone or Cloak?

deathly hallows and harry potter image harry potter and deathly hallows image harry potter image harry potter image

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