▷Which house do you belong to?

animal Superthumb city blonde

▷What is your patronus?

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb animal
Arctic Fox

▷What is your wand made of?

Superthumb harry potter blue black and white
14 '' Dogwood wand with a phoenix core.

▷Favorite female character?

cat Superthumb aesthetic aesthetic
Hermione Granger

▷Favorite male character?

Superthumb draco malfoy aesthetic Superthumb
Draco Malfoy

▷Female character you hate the most?

clothes cup aesthetic blood
Dolores Umbridge

▷Male character you hate the most?

harry potter anime dark mark Superthumb
Peter Pettigrew

▷Parts that made you cry?

Superthumb harry potter harry potter always
When Harry saw his parents through the mirror || Dobby death || Fred Weasley death || Always

▷What is your favorite subject?

aesthetic hogwarts book bottle

▷Favorite spells?

boy harry potter book harry potter
Obliviate || Lomus || Expecto Patronum || Wingardium Leviosa

▷What pet would you take with you to Hogwarts?

Superthumb animal Superthumb animal
Black Cat

▷Wand, Stone or Cloak?

Superthumb deathly hallows harry potter harry potter

Thank you. ♥︎