I have been having fun making these articles, so I am just gonna keep making them! This time I've decided to list some of my favorite movies. Enjoy

Moulin Rouge

moulin rouge and Nicole Kidman image moulin rouge, ewan mcgregor, and Nicole Kidman image Nicole Kidman, ewan mcgregor, and moulin rouge image moulin rouge, movie, and ewan mcgregor image
This is a musical with an incredible soundtrack, and a stellar cast, that will bring you to tears

Big Hero 6

big hero 6, baymax, and disney image disney, wallpaper, and fondos image big hero 6, big hero 6 baymax, and big hero 6 cover image baymax, disney, and big hero 6 image
This is such a heart warming movie, and the animation is amazing

Kingsman: The Secret Service

city, london, and movies image kingsman and taronegerton image boy and kingsman image movie, kingsman, and Colin Firth image
This is an action packed movie, with lots of humor

The Greatest Showman

the greatest showman, zac efron, and zendaya image aesthetic, authentic, and beauty image circus and the greatest showman image aesthetic, hugh jackman, and movie image
This movie has a wonderful cast, and an amazing soundtrack

The Heat

movie, sandra bullock, and the heat image funny, movie, and the heat image movie, sandra bullock, and the heat image sandra bullock and the heat image
This movie will have you cry of laughter, Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy really do a great job

How to Train Your Dragon

hiccup, httyd, and how to train your dragon image animation, cute, and cartoon image dragons and how to train your dragon image animation, bff, and cartoon image
This film is one of my favorites because A) there are dragons B) All the characters have a dragon that matches there personality, and toothless is hard not to love

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