Aren't we all tired of seeing negative things on the internet/TV? Hearing that one co-worker you sit by just complain and complain and COMPLAIN? Aren't we all tired of complaining ourselves?
I know I am.

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One of the many things I love about WHI is that positivity, empowerment, self love, love for others - those are all qualities that this site promotes. People can be good to each other. We can promote what we love rather than bashing what we hate.

I know myself, I've been trying to practice positivity for many years now. I used to be the biggest Negative Nancy ever - let's face it, we've all been through shit. Life isn't always lollipops and unicorns. I still have trouble some days - I still feel like I could do more to be positive. We all do. We all have doubts and worries. However, if we can teach ourselves to focus on the good, and to focus on what we're grateful for in our lives, we can be much happier where we're at.

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Some days, it's easier said than done, I know. But I have witnessed firsthand being completely at peace with yourself, with your situation. It is possible to attain this kind of mindset. I've met people who are unruffled by negative energy because of their own brilliant inner positivity. It's untouchable. It's beautiful. It's real.

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We can be kinder to each other as well as being kinder to ourselves. We can be the best versions of ourselves.

As the saying goes, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

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I know I want to see the world changed for the better - we all do. In order to help grow my inner peace, I've unfollowed negativity on social media/ negative accounts. I try not to pay any mind to negative people, which can be difficult, because being in a world full of billions of others, we are exposed to negative mindsets every day. Promoting positivity and empowerment is key. That, to me, is the most important thing in life. Happiness.

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I'm thinking about doing a specific daily article about positivity - to promote something good in each day. If anyone would like to see that, let me know :) Thank you for taking the time to read this. I wish you all the best, and I hope that you'll join me in the journey to happiness and peace of mind. <3