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Here is the caught up challenge for today:

Day 20: Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood

Learning to ride a bike:
I remember that every afternoon after kindergarten, dad and I went to the park near home and taught me to ride a bike without training wheels. I remember how dad smiled with joy and pride that his little girl could do it alone, without the help of anything or anyone.

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I loved going to the circuses, and I still do, because they remind me when mom, dad and I went together, how we laughed when a clumsy clown did his act, how impressed we were when the magicians made something disappear, or when some guys appeared with the lions to do their acts.

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I always liked Christmas, especially when I was a little girl. It made me very happy when these dates were approaching. I loved watching the whole family arrived at my grandmother's house happy, the gifts I received, but above all I loved watching the whole family go out to see the fireworks. I was so happy at that time and I did not I realized how lucky I was.

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Remembering these things made me cry a little. I hope you liked it, see you later

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