Hey, Lovelies! Today's article is going to be on how to make friends in real life and on the internet. I was inspired to do this as this September I would have new people in my year and it would be weird to just stick to the friends I have instead of getting to know new people. Plus I want to make a couple of internet friends who I can relate to a lot and talk about anything without getting judged.

First of all, I would like to give a shoutout to @r_a_i_n_m_a_k_e_r, who is an awesome internet friend and I'm so glad to have begun to talk to her. So check her out. Plus thank you for mentioning me in your 'The Alphabet In...' article.

Also to @lucxenne for being a great internet friend as well so go check her out too.

So let's get on with the article.

Internet Friends


If you want to be friends then you've got to find similarities so you can start off by talking about your similarities.


You cant really expect to be friends without messaging them, so don't be scared and message them if you guys have any similarities or you have questions.


Find out about them, don't be shy and get to know them and this could help you guys become great friends.


Don't message them for a few days and them drop it. Carry on for a long time and show that you aren't an internet friend for a couple of days but a good friend for life.

Real Life


You've got to be the first one to make the move or you'll lose the opportunity of being friends. I know its hard as I am an awkward person who is a big coward in front of new people so I wouldn't make the first move at all.


Start by saying your name. That is an easy step and they could be new and are also shy to talk. Saying your name sets into motion a beautiful friendship.


Tell them about yourself and they would also feel free to say stuff about themselves.


By this I mean, make an effort to talk to them in the next lesson or whenever you see them. This tells the other person that you are interested in being friends.

That's it for this article, I hope this helped and I'm sorry it was short but I still have quite a lot of preparation to do for school.

Get to know me and message me if you like the same things as me.

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