3/ 4/ 2018

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List 10 things that make you really happy.

1. Having a dance party to my Spotify playlist. I take much pride in my Spotify playlist and it's absolutely one of the best feelings to have a dance party in the morning, afternoon, or at 3 AM in the morning to my playlist.
2. Writing. I love writing, especially if it isn't for school. I write in my Bullet Journal, for WHI, for our book, and for the Journals at School.
3. Traveling by airplane. I love to travel and go sightseeing, try new food, and take pictures of the beautiful, amazing new places that I visit; specifically by airplane.
4. Reading. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes ever. My favorite genres include fantasy, dystopian, fiction, mythology, and realistic fiction, although I manage to read a few nonfiction books in between.
5. Going on my penny board. I purchased my penny board a couple months ago and I didn't really get to touch it until halfway through February. I love going out in front and through the parks, riding and mostly falling off my penny board.
6. Playing with my dogs. My dogs are just the cutest things ever and if I could I would play with them every single second of every day but I can't. One of their favorite things to do is to walk around the neighborhood and run around in the park.
7. Learning something new. Researching, like reading, has always been a favorite hobby of mine. Right now, I'm currently stuck on Anatomy and Physiology as well as psychology.
8. Watching YouTube and Netflix. I can't deny that watching Friends and Gilmore Girls aren't what I do right before bed. If you were to walk into my home, then most likely you would hear an episode of Friends playing in the background.
9. Shopping. Who doesn't love shopping? My favorite stores include Brandy Melville, PacSun, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Nike, and Vans.
10. Meditating. This final part of my day that I use to wind down and release all my stress is probably what makes me happy for the next day and about the day that has already passed. I use an app called Headspace on my iPhone which is kind of like guided meditation for beginners.

I hope you guys enjoyed it.
Love, Olivia