Feeling down? Feeling like the world has lost it colour?.. Just dance. Let me tell you a stoy. It was upon a time.. Actually a girl in this world and this time.. She was ''Miss Perfect''. She had dirty blonde hair and blue green eyes. Good grades and a wonderful look. But trust me for her it wasn't that easy.. She smiled every day.. But if you looked deep into her eyes you know that she's broken.. She spends hours on gettin that perfect body and look. She spend hours trying to be perfect and it's really destroying her.. No one sees it or understands it.. She didn't know what to do.. One day she spend her evening just listening to music.. She sudenly closed her eyes and just started to dance.. She danced like she was the melody.. Like she was the rythm of the song.. Like a free flying bird.. She didn't care.. She have never felt such freedom in her life before.. She continued doing ít everyday and it felt way better.. One day she finally decided to get rid of her fears of not being perfect.. She were different.. She didn't care anymore.. Sometimes you just need to move your body in your own rythm.. You really should try.. It's like you're feet are dreaming.. Music is the way to get rid of your pain.. Forget everything and just dance.. You will be alright..