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It took a few weeks, I think something like 2 months, until I contacted you at snapchat. It was kinda weird... but I didn't care, since I had been missing you that much.

When school started again for me, it didn't take long, until I realized, that I was already fucking up in that one subject. Not a single one of my notes were finished, so I wasn't able to learn them. Until I realized, that you had the same teacher, in that subject two years ago, as I do now. So asked you about your notes...and that was the moment, things started to get really weird...

You said, that you still had them and you wanted to know, what you would get, if you gave them to me. And I was like: "What do you want?"

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You wanted me to send you some nudes, or to give you a blowjob, or both, you even wanted to make out with me. I was laughing and joking around, because I didn't take you serious in any way and that being pervert thing is exactly my humor.

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I had to come to your place and get your stuff on the next day, actually. But when I came back from school, I was really exhausted and tired, also I was kinda afraid of seeing you again, to be honest. You wrote me, that you were alone at home and that I should come, but I told you that I wasn't in the mood, so you started to be really cute, that's why I decided to go to you, what took over an hour, since nobody could drive me.

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By the time I finally made it to your house and saw you waving at me and smiling at me, I forgot that I almost got kidnapped on my way.
You gave me your folder and we were talking for a while in your garden, nothing had changed...

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After some time you started with the whole "Give me a blowjob"-thing again and I was still finding it funny. That was why you said, that I should come in
side the house with you and you would show me that you were serious. I didn't want to come in, because it was dark and narrow there. So you said: "I'm gonna count 'till three and if you're not in the house until then, I will carry you in!"
I turned around to leave, but you lifted me up and carried me in a bridal way to the inside and I don't know, but my heart stopped beating in that moment...

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You put me on a armchair in your living room and you were sitting on the couch behind me. I wasn't able to look at you, while we were talking, so I stood up again.

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Then you wanted me to sit on your lap and I was like: "Noo", because I thought, that it would be too much kinda. You also got up, walked towards me, put your arm around my shoulder, you sat on the armchair and made me sit on your lap.

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We kept talking, because I felt like it was okay, since it was already too late. Your hand was resting at my waist and at some point I just felt like your face was too near to mine. So without thinking about anything, I laid my hand on your chin and pushed your head away, you looked at me in a really confused way and I was also confused...

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I had to go home after some time and I wanted you to help me getting out of your house, I already stood next to you, you were still sitting there and you wanted me to help you, getting up. I took your hand and wanted to pull you up, but you pulled me closer to you again. Then I was just standing there and was holding your hand...

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You were looking at me, while I was just looking out of the window...
A few minutes later, which i spent begging you to come with me to the door, I left...

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