Hey Guys!
I really love the vintage aesthetic from the 70s and 80s and probably of the 90s too. I try to dress myself like that, it's just very hard to find clothes for that soo yea. I was thinking of giving you some inspiration fot this article.

Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans are a musthave for that kind of aesthetic. I really like them because they're so comfy and beautiful. If you put on a pair of mom jeans you just have to put on a shirt and it already looks like your're back to the future haha joke... (i also really like the outfits of the movies)

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Like I said if you wear mom jeans you can wear any shirt but some really vintage shirts are oversized shirts or really tight shirts with a suspicious pattern or anything with souspicious patterns (it's hard to explain..)

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Shoes and Socks

Shoes are simple, Vans make your Outfit complete!
I personally love Vans especially the checkered ones. I also have the Nike Cortez wich are one of my favorites!! And Socks : if you have any noticeable socks then put them on!!

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Some things you maybe want to know

You probably ask yourself "where do i get the clothes from nowwwww?"
Same, same. For me where i live it's pretty hard to find them. you can find Mom anywhere, t-shirts maybe the soaesthetic shop (if you already ordered there something text me bc i didn't and i don't know if it's good) and Thrift Shops!

Youtubers like Marla Catherine and ezzie inspire me a lot with their styles. (if you know more text me them aswell)

That's all my friends :)
Much love A ♥