Hello people!
This March in the 20th begins the spring season of the year in the northern hemisphere, so I decided to bring a post here with some cool and fun things to do for yourself, family or friends in the spring , Look:

🌸 Photograph the beautiful landscape

Enjoy that in spring the flowers bloom, almost everything turns green, and take your camera and take some pictures of the landscape that in the spring become even more beautiful.

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🌸 Go to a field of flowers

Field of flowers are more common at this time of year, so if you have the opportunity to visit a field of flowers, visit and get the flowers, see the colors of the flowers and take several photos to record that moment. But if you do not have the opportunity to go to a field of flowers, you can go to a garden or even go in a park that in this epoch are filled with beautiful flowers.

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🌸 Give flowers to yourself, and to others

Winning flowers is a very good thing, but you do not have to wait for someone to come up with a bouquet and give it to you, you can go to a flower shop and buy your own flowers and give it to yourself. Another option is to pick some flowers in the garden or in a place that can be done.

The habit of winning flowers is very good, but also to give flowers to other people and a very nice gesture, makes someone more happy because of flowers, it can be your mother, your friends, your boyfriend.

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🌸 Have a picnic

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and go to the park or the garden with friends or family and have a picnic, take your favorite foods and drinks and enjoy this day to breathe fresh air and eat very well, have fun with the people you love the most .

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🌸 Ride a bike

Cycling is a great habit that does very well for your health and gets even better when you go looking at a beautiful landscape, so go to a park and I passed with your bike or you can rent one if you do not have one.

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🌸 Prepare a brunch

Brunch for those who do not know is an event that features a breakfast with lunch, this is of British origin, this type of event happens on commemorative dates or on weekends. Seeing, it seems that something complicated or very chic should be done, but no, you can prepare a more elegant and simple brunch in the garden or in the backyard of your home and invites your family.

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🌸 Walk with your

Strolling with the dogs is a habit to do at any season, but take this moment to walk your dog around places that have a bit of nature, such as in the park, on the beach, or in an urban forest.

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🌸 Read fantasy and adventure books

This is more optional, but this spring, read at least 3 books of the genre of fantasy and adventure, soak in this magical world because you can have fun and increase your imagination.

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🌸 Start a summer project

Summer project and the name that comes when people get ready during the spring to get to the summer with the healthiest body and the way they like it. So, start your summer project, but remember that every body type is beautiful.

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🌸 Change the look

Enjoy that you are entering a new season to change the look, see the main trends of hair, see which is better for you and be you like and make change the haircut, paint it, there are so many things.

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🌸 Eat ice cream

Enjoy the season near the summer to take lots of ice creams, eat your favorite and enjoy to try other flavors. Do not forget to eat other foods that go ice cream such as biscuit sandwich and ice cream, cake with ice cream, pie with ice cream, ah is many tasty choices.

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🌸 Horseback riding

Another activity to be in contact with nature and animals is to ride a horse. Enjoy going to the countryside and exploring on horseback the place, this type of walk is usually very, very fun.

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🌸 Do something different

Try to do something different, try to do something new. Try to do something and it ends, it can be anything that you have not tried.

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🌸 Make plans for the summer

Last but not least, plan fun and cool things to do when summer arrives.

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Well that's what I hope you enjoyed, and good spring.