They asked me why do I paint ? Why I am so in art ? Then I asked them a single question which can be my answer "why do you guys breath?" 😊😊 I can't live without art without doing painting. YES, I am addicted to it ! . whenever I paint it feels like I am sitting in the wet mud after rain I can smell it , and waves are touching my feet , it feels like I am taking the deep breaths #relaxmood ❤. I can hear the rhythm of flowing water when I touch paints , I can hear the music of winds arriving from the forest , the sweet song sung by leaves , AAAHHHH! how peaceful is it. ❤️❤️It ables me to see the colors in the dark , because of art I can see the mountains in a room . I paint to make my self feel relaxed 😌 . it is just like a water to a person who is dying in thirst . without art me and my life are wasted ACTUALLY "worthless" . I will become like those shoes which are beautiful but the problem is they can't fit in life's foot.
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