His hand locks to mine. He smiles at me with the sweetest smile I've ever seen.

An image pops into my thoughts. Some white girl frenching my man on my couch. His hands all over her, pulling her top off. Her moans are still echoing in my head. Reminding that he ain’t the man he used to be. He might’ve been that man few days ago, but not now. Not anymore.

I pull my hand away and look at him with the most spiciest look I have. He looks at me with questions in his eyes. Then it hits me. He doesn’t know I saw him. He doesn’t know, ’cause I ran away then. I ran away from him. Far away ’cause the pain was too much. Pressuring my lungs, making them useless. I couldn’t breathe, but I ran. I just ran, until I couldn’t anymore and I collapsed on the side of the road. I can't breathe. I thought. I CAN'T BREATHE!! I shouted silently. Suddenly I gasped. I was able to breath again but with major difficulty.

'I saw you with that girl yesterday.' I say without acknowledging it myself. I feel a tear on my cheek. I swipe it away until he sees that I'm hurt. His face turns to pale. Pale as the snow in the ground in winter. He stops walking and looks at me as though he has seen a ghost. I try to hold my tears back, but I can't. I can't hold them. The flow comes instantly making my whole face wet. He steps forward with his arm open.

'NO!!' I say to him and I slap him as hard as I can. I back away from him. The pain is coming back. And it's spreading. It's spreading fast. I start running. Running towards a house that I once called my home. A house where I have so many good memories that are shattering my heart.

I open the door and step inside the house. I grab my bag from the closet downstairs and run to the bedroom. I throw few shirts, jeans and a pair of underwear to the bag and then I head to the bathroom taking what ever's necessary.

I've packed my bag in under 10 minutes. I take my car keys from the counter and run to my car. I back away from the driveway and see him walking home looking so scared. He looks straight into my eyes with shame and worry. He starts running towards the car but I drive away. I decide to go to my friends house. Spend few days there and look for a new apartment. Yeah, that's what I'm going to do. And maybe after that few days I'll go get the rest of my stuff. Okay, good... I feel my tears bursting to the surface, blurring my vision. I let them flow. I try look back at the road but I don't see the road anymore. Only a street light in front of me. Then it all goes black.

*Inside a cop car; 'There has been a car crash on the road 35. There's one casualties. A woman about 25.'