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List 5 people who have had an impact on your life and describe how.

  • MOM
... And my Dad too, but my Mom gave such huge impact to me.

We are really have strong personality to each others. Since I was young kid, we are always having an argument. Like bickering to each other all the time. But I never tell her that she is always inspire me, because I feels it's really ashamed to told for. Until when I was in Middle school, on her birthday, I gift her a letter. Trying to be honest and telling her everything what I thought about her. Until now, I don't know if she even read it or not. So maybe it becomes to a habit if every time I called her or when I see her personally, we are always have something to discuss for, even a talked about things that are not so important ever. I love to observing my parents and learn from what they did and give me a different perspective about life. I'm not gonna be who am today if it is not because of my mom, who always teach me to always be honest to my self and to world, to my own life. My fathers is always encourage me to just live life to the fullest and he is the main reason why I want took pharmacy on university, even sometimes it feels hard, but it's my choice and of course I will fight for it and living it with a big smile in my face.

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  • Very Best Friends

I’m literally person who can’t live without others. I really need someone who stands for. I finally realize how huge impact my friends to my life. When I feeling alone, it’s really makes me sad that no one beside me, someone who I can shared about silly things that happen to me, bad or good. So right now i do really cherish who friends that always there for me, accept me be who I am, and loving me unconditionally. So for my gratitude, I call them a very best friends.

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I was lost a couples of my friends and i figure it out that its makes me really upset about it. Finally I know that I like being alone sometimes, but I do really hate when I feeling alone. Actually, I want to called them a ex-best friends, because they were there for me before and we were do something fun together, even they’re just gone when I need them the most and just come to me when they are thought need me to do something. Even some of them I still get in touch, and some others don't. What they do to me still have really huge impact to me. Even that was really bad experience, but it makes me learning about so many things in life. It’s open up my mind about every chances and more thankful for everything that would happen to my life, even it is bad or good.

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  • Favorite Authors

My favorite author is JK Rowling, Rick Riordan, Andrea Hirata and also Pidi Baiq. Actually I have so many favorite books but when it comes to an author, I like them the most. JK rowling, Rick Riordan, and Andrea Hirata makes inspiration books that have been change my mind, my style of writing, also makes me easier to imagine freely. I do love they books a lots and all of them it's really entertaining to read. For Pidi baiq, he is who write a novel Dilan: Dia adalah Dilanku tahun 1990 (Dilan: He's My Dilan in 1990) it's the novel made into a film that's change everyone in Indonesia right now. He’s style of writing is really simple and unique even how the way he's thinking is like very simple philosophy about life that you will never thought of in very unique way. He is one of reason why I want go back to writing again, and trying to make a poems too. Fun fact is I was really don’t like to wrote a poems before, later when I tried to make ones, I get addicting to it.

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I’m not being who am I today if it is not because all the inspirational teacher that have been come to my life. Even some of them I don’t get in touch again, but still what they did has really have such huge impact to me. I will not know that I have an ability on writing, if it is not from my middle school Language teacher. She teach me and help me to improving my writing skill. There’s also a History teacher who makes me learning about different perspective from a story, even just from a novel. So many good teacher that have been inspiring me until today. When I went to college, there’s some professor that inspiring me too, even until now they always encourage me to not give up with everything, and I feel blessed that so many great and inspiration people around me. Even maybe there’s an unrespectful who made huge impact too, but I know they are just a human, maybe they have no intent to hurt me or maybe I was deserve to treat that way. Just make it to be a life lesson, take it the good one, and throw it all away the bad one.

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