Hello everyone! As you may have noticed if you’ve been following my posts for a while is that I haven’t written a post in what it feels ages. But here I am back. Without further do let’s get straight into the actual subject of this one post.

I don’t consider myself a morning person but I do feel great when I wake up early. Yes I that it is hard to get up early, especially in winter, but once you do and actually wake up you will feel great and refreshed. I always try to get up in between 8-9am. I don’t like to oversleep because I can almost assure you that I will wake up with a headache.

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After I get up, I go to the bathroom and just splash my face with warm water because I am still pretty much sleeping at this point aha. After that, I just go downstairs and have breakfast. This usually takes me over 30 minutes and this is the time I go on my phone. I either watch a youtube vídeo or scroll through Twitter.

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After my essential meal, I go upstairs to the bathroom. I brush my teeth. Then the skin care part comes: I wash my face with a cleanser/exfoliator; on weekends I put on a facemask at this point; then apply moisturizer and finally, I just spray some rose water to give me some more hydration. Then, depending on the day I would apply makeup or not.
After all of this, I just go and get dressed. Next, I just go to my desk and grab my 5-year-journal and my bullet journal and I just write down everything I have to. This takes me about 10-15 minutes. At this point, I have done everything that I usually have to do in the morning so I usually go downstairs to keep my dog company or (depending on my mood) I just stay in the sofá watching some show or movie until lunch time!

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So this was my 2018 morning routine. I hope you all enjoyed and have a great day! Keep an eye open for my next posts! Here are some of my previous ones if you want to read them!