Hi hearters,

I saw a few variations of this challenge and so i decided to make it too. I'm not very good at writing and expressing my feelings that's why I have decided to let pictures speak for themselves.


Abusive image

My style:

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, girl, and grunge image
cozy, mostly dark, sporty, i wear always a necklace and bracelets

Favorite colors:

Image removed black and color image
blue and black

My passions:

camera, photography, and photo image cat, art, and heart image food, chocolate, and cupcake image winter, girl, and snow image summer, girl, and beach image friends, car, and summer image
photography, drawing, baking, sport: snowboarding and swimming, travel


shy, quotes, and people image girl, winter, and snow image Image by // funny and shy image teen wolf, sarcasm, and stiles image

Fav movies:

These are my favorite movies

Fav food:

sushi and food image ice cream, food, and nails image food, pizza, and delicious image
sushi, burgers, ice cream and all the Italian food


cats and dogs are my fav ones

My fav quotes:

quotes, heart, and mind image life image quotes and happy image quotes, motivation, and inspiration image

Have a nice day :)