Hi hearters,

I saw a few variations of this challenge and so i decided to make it too. I'm not very good at writing and expressing my feelings that's why I have decided to let pictures speak for themselves.


scorpio, zodiac sign, and scorpio queen image

My style:

converse clothes black fashion
cozy, mostly dark, sporty, i wear always a necklace and bracelets

Favorite colors:

blue black
blue and black

My passions:

camera animal chocolate girl beach car
photography, drawing, baking, sport: snowboarding and swimming, travel


notice girl best friends funny quotes

Fav movies:

These are my favorite movies

Fav food:

food chocolate delicious
sushi, burgers, ice cream and all the Italian food


cats and dogs are my fav ones

My fav quotes:

quotes Superthumb happy fitness

Have a nice day :)