Hi everyone, and welcome !
For my first article on my page I gonna share with you my Sunday routine. The key word of the Sunday is CHILL. Take care of myself. Take time for me.

Generaly I wake up at 9 and after waking up I take 1 glass of water to waking up my body and helped the digestion of my future breakfast. But before breakfast I stretching my body and do some yoga. Stretching your body is important to waking up your body and your mind and yoga helping you to relaxe your body and your mind after this busy week.

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Be good in your body

Breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day so don't miss it, personally during the week it's very difficult to make a really good and complete breakfast, this is why the week end is the perfect time for make some good stuff.
During my breakfast, I just check what happened during the night and check my day too.

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Now, I just brush my teeth and do my usually skincare. I wash my face, tone my face, et moisturize and voila.

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First, I make a to do list of what I need to do for the next week. Doing a list help you to organize you during the day. I finish all i need to done for the next week, I review my notes, do exercices...
And to finish I plan my week on my bullet journal.

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THIS MOMENT, is your moment. When you have achieve all the stuff you finnaly can take care of yourself. So I do a mask, exfoliate my face and my body, moisturize my face and my body, and shave my body too. I washing my hair doing a hair mask, hydrate my hair, put some oil all the extra stuff! When all is done I’m like OH MY GOD. I also clean all of my make up brushes and watch a movie to pass the time.

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When I have finish with my brushes, I can just chilling the rest of the day.

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Now it’s my night skincare routine, I washing my face, tone, moisturize, put my spot treatment, and my face oil.

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At the end of the day you are so relax and make you feel really good. You can chill again, go out, watch Netflix or IDK. Do what you want it’s your day baby girl

So, that’s my Sunday routine hope you like it! You can follow me and show me some love.
See you soon,
All the love,
Celia xx