Hello everyone! Hope you're all well! 👀💛
Today's article is the monthly playlist!
So, here it's:

🎤 One Last Song//Sam Smith
A wonderful song.

sam smith image blue, crying, and eyes image sam smith image sam smith and one last song image

🎤 On The Loose//Niall Horan
Even if you're not a fan of him, you should try this song.

niall horan, on the loose, and flicker image aesthetic, girl, and niall horan image flicker, lyric, and Lyrics image flicker, lyric, and Lyrics image

🎤 Want U Back//Five Seconds Of Summers
New song, catchy rhythm.

goals, new, and want you back image Lyrics, quote, and luke hemmings image bio, Lyrics, and music image Lyrics, quote, and want you back image

🎤 Home With You//Madison Beer
Love it.

beer, madison, and song image madisonbeer, music, and asshepleases image

🎤 If I Get My Way//Little Mix
Cheesy but catchy.

lyric, Lyrics, and music image Lyrics, music, and wallpaper image

🎤 Love Lies//Khalid-Normani
Amazing duo.

khalid and fifth harmony image angel, lylas, and 5h3 image

🎤 Friends//Marshmello-Anne Marie
Friendzoned. 😂

playlist, marshmello, and anne-marie image Lyrics, marshmello, and friend zone image alternative, broken, and broken heart image Image removed

Hope that you like it!

Be sure to read them! 👑