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Got7 - Park Jinyoung

So for my first article ever, I've decided to write about something that really makes my blood boil: Underrated kpop groups (boy groups)!
I know that loving one group in kpop doesn't make you obligated to listen to every single song there is out there...but most of us kpop fans start with the big groups and tend to oversee the smaller ones and later on when we actually do discover them (in some cases) we feel as if it's too late.
So here I am, sparing you some time and exposing you guys to some heartbreakingly underrated kpop artists and songs! - Enjoy


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This 10-man ensemble has a lot to offer! With everything from great songs, great visuals, great dancing, great music videos, great personalities and even some of the greatest japanese entries I have ever heard!

1. Going Crazy (the visuals in the music video to this song will make you go crazy, believe me)
2. Catch me
3. Come with me
4. White Night
5. Runner
6. Wild love (Though this is a Japanese song, it's still amazingly good)
Start listening to UP10TION right here -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPJ4MfslU2tjw1a8X-0VuVw


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Coming from a very, very, very unknown entertainment company, these boys are extremely unknown as well. Though they debuted last year in 2017, I hope they'll rise in fame since their music and talent is something that shouldn't go to waste!

1. Like a Flower
2. Please
3. Alone
4. Universe
Start listening to BLACK6IX right here -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9WwOGE7ti1Riro2_4kVbew


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These guys are on the rise, but are still getting neglected since they're a band (sigh) They've got some great fun upbeat songs as well as a great mix of rock and hip hop - definitely worth listening to!

1. Hot Potato
2. Awesome
3. The Real
4. R U Ready?
5. Say Goodbye
Start listening to N.Flying right here -> https://www.youtube.com/user/nflyingofficial


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Okay, so these guys debuted in 2012 and have released some great catchy songs and yet they're still pretty underrated! I just don't understand why they haven't made it big? They've got great visuals, great vocals and tbh a pretty strong rap line.

1. Na Hago Nolja (probably the greatest kpop song ever)
2. Mr. Secret
3. Amazing -Bad Lady-
4. I'm Not a Boy Not Yet a Man
5. My Face
Start listening to Cross Gene right here -> https://www.youtube.com/user/amusekr


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Last but definitely not least; Boyfriend! Debuted in 2011 and were actually on their way to becoming pretty famous...until Starship entertainment (their company) decided to toss them aside in favour of another group (not mentioning any names). They're still active, but people have forgotten about them and all of their top notch songs. Truly a sad case in kpop, which is why they need more exposure.

1. I Yah
2. Janus
3. Witch
4. Bounce
5. More and More
(They've got a ton of other great songs, but these are some that'll get you hooked)
Start listening to BOYFRIEND right here -> https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=boyfriend+kpop

These were just a few out of a ton of other underrated kpop groups and I truly hope that you guys will give them all a listen and hopefully start supporting them <3
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Got7 - Jackson Wang & BTS - Kim Namjoon, RM