Hello Fifteen-year-old me. This is something I would tell you if we ever had the chance to meet. I want you to listen very carefully, because this will help you through a lot of sad moments.

1. Do not stress about school.

I know your parents are furious about the bad grades you have been having lately, but don't take it too personal. They only want the best for you and your future. Don't let yourself down. Search an education, or a specialty in school where you are good at and focus on that. If you are having trouble with some subjects, ask for help from a teacher, or take some extra classes. Just remember that you are doing the best you can, and having bad grades at high school isn't the end of the world. Half of the classes you are having now, you won't even need in your career. So just keep doing your best and try to succeed even if it is just enough to pass the class. School isn't the most important thing in the world, your mental health goes first.

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2. It is okay.

I always wished that someone had told me these tree words, I am sure that they can save a life. It is okay to feel whatever you are feeling. You are not abnormal because you are feeling sad, or not okay. Believe me, most of the people around you understand how you are feeling. They are just like you, pretending to be okay, just like most of the high school kids. It is a phase. Getting these hormones in puberty, falling in love, losing friends, bad grades. It is all a part of high school and it sucks. So believe me, it is okay to feel this way, but don't stay in it. Keep going, because this will pass.

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3. You will not die from heartbreak.

You might feel as if you are dying right now, or maybe you wish you could disappear for a moment. The boy/girl you like broke your heart. You have all the reasons to be sad, this sh*t hurts like hell. But as cliche as it sounds, time heals a lot. It will hurt a lot, so let it hurt. Cry, scream, be angry, feel everything at once and then nothing at all. Don't deny the hurt. But as many times as you thought you wouldn't survive this, you proved yourself wrong and survived. You got up the next morning and the sun shone a little brighter than it did the morning before. As much as it hurts, you will not die and you will get over this. Give it time.

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4. Not everyone has to like you.

No matter how much you try, there will always be people who don't like you. Sometimes they don't even know the reason themselves, they just don't like you. And that is completely fine. Do you like everybody? Yeah I thought so. People have different personalities, different interests, and some people are just douche bags. You shouldn't worry about that, it is not your fault. Focus on the people who do like you, and want the best for you. They are the ones that make you happy, why wasting time on the ones who don't?

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5. Your parents love you.

As I have said before, it doesn't mean because your parents shout at you or are mad, that they don't love you. Sometimes they forget that once, a long time ago, they were young too. They made the same mistakes as you. It is precisely for that reason that they are so worried, because they know what the consequences are. They are trying to protect you from the world, for the pain that the world sometimes brings. They find it hard to accept that you are growing up and experiencing things on your own. So don't be angry with them. Try to listen to them, because sometimes, believe it or not, they are right.

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6. Focus on what you have instead of focusing on what you don't have.

If you keep focusing on the things you don't have you never will be happy. There will always be more that you don't have than what you do have. But believe me, the things that you do have are so much more worth than anything else. Appreciate the people in your life and the love they give you. Appreciate going to school and having a future. Appreciate your health. Appreciate your body for recovering. Appreciate waking up in a warm bed and a breakfast and a family waiting in the kitchen. I can't say this enough. Be grateful for everything in your life, good or bad, lessons or blessings.

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7 There is still so much to see.

You are fifteen, you are not even on one fifth of your life. You still have so many people to meet, things to learn, heartbreaks to go. You are just at the beginning. Be excited for the life that is coming. Enjoy every little moment of it. Because time flies and there is still so much to see. So don't get stuck in little things that won't matter five years from now. Look at the future, and work for it. Your later self will be thankful for that.

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