School has been keeping me busy but because it's Friday, I'm going to post a new article😊

1. Which house do you belong to?

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Slytherin! But according to my zodiac sign, I belong in Hufflepuff which I personally, plus my English teacher can't relate to!

2. What is your patronus?

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Grey squirrel

3. Favorite female character?

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4. Your favorite male character?

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I couldn't just choose one! I also like fred and George Weasley.

5. The female character you hated the most?

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6. The male character you hated the most?

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Lucius Malfoy!!

7. Parts that made you cry

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I'm not crying, you are!

8. Which deathly hallows would you use?

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The cloak

9. Favorite subject?

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Potions probably

10. A spell you would use in real life

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Couldn't decide on one

11. Your position in quidditch?

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I would prefer to watch

12. Satisfied with the end?

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I like the end but I would have loved if we had got to see the trios and the others life after the war.

13. Which book in the series was your favorite?

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Prisoner of Azkaban!!!!!

I hope you liked this article! If you have questions about me, my opinions and thoughts about something or questions in general, you can message me here. I can maybe reply to them in an article!?😊 Anyway, take care.💗

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