People say that being yourself and being happy, is easy. But they don’t realize how hard someone’s life can be. How many times I’ve cried myself to sleep. How many times I wanted to die, keep telling to myself that I don’t deserve this. Trying everything that’s possible to be at least kinda happy.

I’m tired of trying to make people proud. I keep tiring myself and pushing the limit, but I’ve noticed I’m heading towards a hurricane. I keep telling to myself that I’ll be fine. That I’ll manage to accomplish whatever the others think is fine for me. But guess what. I know what’s the best for me. I want to study architecture, I want to improve my paintings skills and open a small gallery. I want to write a book, where all my thoughts are perfectly harmonized. I want my best friends to be happy and to love themselves. I want my parents to be happy after all these years. I want to find someone to love, and them loving me back. I want to wake up in the morning and think that life is beautiful.

I want to love myself. And you should do that too. You should start loving yourself and never stop dreaming.