When I made the decision to drop out of Health and Social Care, and take up studying fashion it sounded like a crazy idea. The thought of travelling two hours+ every day just to get to college...in a city...where I didn't know anyone.... But I have never made a better decision in my life. I never thought it was possible to genuinely enjoy a school/college until I started at Fashion Retail Academy, I study subjects I actually like and meet people from all over the place. I'm only in my first year out of two years, but I think I may stay on to do a degree in the sam college. At the minute I'm looking into a BA hons Marketing and Communications course with FRA, or a BA hons Fashion Communication and Promotions course with Central Saint Martins which both look equally good. This is to help secure the job of a Stylist or maybe something to do with Digital Marketing or PA. It's a long way away but FRA makes it seem so reachable and achievable and I'm so happy I made the choice for myself to drop out and join this college.