Pluto represents profound transformations, mutations, eliminations, domination, sexuality, magnetism, power, secrecy, destruction for regeneration, the phoenix rising from the ashes, the inner power that we have in us, the brutal force of our deepest instincts, the hidden and unconscious violence that can be unleashed in us with unheard-of intensity and then projected into our actions.
Pluto destroyed to rebuild, it causes painful but often necessary crises to change things completely at all. It allows the reconstruction or regeneration of a part of our personality or an entire part of our existence, provided perhaps to channel this energy so wild and keep a form of hindsight. This planet is not in itself negative: it is a powerful energy that can be channeled and exceed the imaginable and it is precisely sometimes the only possibility we have to overcome our internal blockages or eliminate some situations become completely inextricable.
Its element is indefinite, it is burning. It masters Scorpio and is exalted in Pisces.
It is in analogy with sexual and excrement functions. Its average demotion duration is approximately 162 days per year.
It represents instinctive, powerful and violent characters, dictators, sadists, but also the hidden and mysterious forces.

Pluto is an outer planet. Therefore, many people born at the same time possess Pluto in the same sign. So, it is for its presence as a minor, the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars), so read carefully.

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Your instinctive power is amplified and can unleash your violence.

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Your sensuality is developed as well as your possessiveness, your jealousy and the instinct of domination that are linked to it.

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Your way of communicating can be more caustic and domineering.

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Difficulties can appear in your home by a too strong desire to control everything or by an excess of sensitivity.

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You can be authoritarian, almost despotic. But your charisma and your radiance are intensified.

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You have a great power of realization but also obsessions sometimes, so much your instinct and your natural worry push you to doubt.

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Your charisma is amplified as well as your domination which acts nevertheless with charm and magnetism on the others.

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You give the maximum of your assets in terms of sexuality, fantasies, power of libido, instinct, powerful domineering tendencies and unleashing of passions.

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You are driven to discoveries and conquests. Your power appetite may want to exercise abroad.

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Your lucidity and your ambition are developed: your strong determination is impregnated with the passion to succeed your professional destiny and to mark your domain of your domineering presence.

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You are driven to upset your environment. Your power of action and domination is at the service of revolutionary causes, the destruction of archaic structures in the perspective of a reconstruction of an ideal world or at least of the image of your ideal.

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Your emotions are amplified and lead you to irrational passion: you do not want to control you so much these impressions and sensations that are in you are deep, as your instinct so strong pushes you to act to become more powerful, more conquering, more manipulative.

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To be continued: Rising Signs Signification

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