oh pretty princess, why do you cry?
for your love was never meant to be and so was the goodbye. Don't try to match the symphony the strings are too fragile, that heart once filled with love weighs with tears no more docile. But don't you dare shed any, keep up with your disguise. Don't let them see the hurt building up your dirty vice.

those beautiful brown crystals never caught you in their vision, that selenophobic bastard did not know what he was missin'. But have no fear princess the moon was never your ambition, stars shine way brighter and that should be your mission. if he misses your starlight then don't accuse him or send him to prison. it was all your fault for burning too bright now destroy your inhibition.

oh pretty princess, don't worry if he cant see your soul waiting for him battling the demons alone, what's the point of having a knight who cant even handle a stone? yet you crave his touch even though the pain that comes with it feels like breaking a bone. oh wait when he decisively stole your heart your rib-cage broke, so this feeling is already well-known.

although it was never meant to be yet your dignity was sold while his mouth recites the parody and the truth remains untold. bliss it was once the fantasy of him as he cafunes you in his dangerous hold, feeling like the most fortunate girl you wrote him an ode. burst out of the bubble princess this shit is getting old. look! hes with another girl more beautiful and bold.

oh pretty princess, its okay you will, one day, find your mr.right. just don't keep your hopes high, though id suggest candies are better than guys. nothing lasts forever your pain will diminish along with the criticize. next time fall for someone real and not an imbecile.