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I'm turning 18 this year so I've been thinking more and more about the tattoos I want to get. Here are some of the tattoos which I would love to have on my body:

Flower Tattoos:

tattoo, rose, and red image Image by Jennifer tattoo and flowers image tattoo, rose, and flowers image
I love small and simple thin lined tattoos like these!

Hand Tattoos

tattoo, friends, and promise image Mature image Image by ami tattoo, flowers, and hands image

Red Tattoos

tattoo, snake, and red image aesthetic, blood, and ink image cool, ink, and flower image Image by Yessnia_hmara
I think that red is a unique way to make any tattoo stand out!

Constellation Tattoos

tattoo and cute image art, black, and constellation image tattoo image constellation, galaxy, and goals image

Mandala Tattoos

tattoo and moon image big, black, and flower image tattoo and mandala image girls, goals, and meninas image

Planet Tattoos

tattoo, planet, and stars image plants, tattoo, and grunge image tattoo, planet, and space image tattoo, planet, and art image

If you want more tattoo inspiration then check out my collection:

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