Hello beautiful humans <3 I'm new to weheartit, so I was just gonna introduce myself and say hi to y'all and welcome to my new acc.
lettuce begin (immediately regretted that pun SO much)


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Music is my liiiiiiife! I play ukulele, electric bass, guitar, flute, and piano, though I suck at flute and piano (insert shrug here*)


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His names is Apollo and he's a golden doodle. Soooooooo cute <3


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Little old me, still single. But pining after, well, anyone. Date me plssssss :) lol kidding, but seriously I just like the idea of romance and mystery and all that nice stuff.


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Worth mentioning, I'm fourteen and still a total fangirl for all the basic fandoms. Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter. But come on, fantasy worlds are cool right? Right?

Welp thats me, talk to me and tell me about you lovely peoples, and follow me pls!
And yes, I did just beg for followers as well as friends. Come to my page and validate me! lol <3