I'm currently 18 years old and living in a small town in the South of England, called Eastbourne. I've previously lived in other areas of England including up North, and in London. I'm mixed race - Nigerian from my Dad, and English from my Mum which I believe has allowed me to experience things from a range of perspectives and living in different areas has helped this too. Since September I've attended Fashion Retail Academy in London to study Fashion Retail at Level 3, after I got my double AS in Health and Social Care back in Eastbourne. Studying in London has helped me with many things - how to be independent, making sure I'm on time, and it also allows me to be in the city more which means meeting many more people. I used to have a blog over a year ago and ended up stopping, but after our college assignment required us to make a blog it reminded me how much I wanted to start up again and stick to it.