Day 1| Explain the Meaning of Your Name

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My name is Cassidy which stems from an Irish origin. Its original meaning is clever or curly-headed. This is funny because I have naturally curly hair, although my parents didn't make this connection when they named me it's a very funny coincidence. For a long while I hated my name, as I'm sure so many people have, and I considered legally changing my name! I for some reason really wanted to change my name to Alex. I thought that was a modern and cool name, but after time has passed I've come to appreciate my name. I much prefer to be called Cass now. So there's the meaning of my name! Stay tuned for the rest of this 30 day writing challenge with me! I linked below the original post for this writing challenge by TheMermaidWriter. Join me and so many others in participating in this challenge, it's going to be a fun 30 days! :)