I was stupid. I ran away like a coward, expecting you to catch me and tell me we were meant to be. I know I hurt you and it kills me every day. When I wake up I think of you and when I go to bed I dream of you. The dreams you're in are the hardest ones to wake up from. I see you in the halls, smiling with her. Why do I feel this way even though I'm the one who let you go? Jealousy swarms my body like bees, stinging me with envy. I can't be mad at you, not at all. Sometimes I think about what could have been and what went wrong. Maybe I was just too scared, or maybe I'm not meant to love. However, you did forget me and I don't understand how. How did you throw away our memories like last weeks news? I keep thinking that maybe if I talk about you to your friends you will somehow see that as a cry for you to notice me. You can't even look at me and I can't blame you. I tried to fix it, I really did. I put myself out there, bare and willing to accept rejection. I thought that maybe, just maybe, you would hear me out and forgive me. But I was wrong to think that you would leave her for me. She's perfect for you and will appreciate you more than I ever did. I hope you the best and even though you will never read this, I'm sorry.