★ clear your mind & feeling okay ★

Hii, I hope you're all doing well.
Today I'll be giving some tips on organising (clearing) your mind, aand I'll be also talking a bit more about self-love. I've been noticing that a lot of you find articles like these helpful, which makes me really happy, since I love helping you all and I really enjoy writing these kind of articles.
Just a quick reminder, if you have any specific topics you want me to write about (since this article was also a request), you can always send me a message!
Without any further ado, let's jump right into this article :)!!!

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★ 1. clear your mind ★

First stop, why is it important to clear and/or organise your mind:
I feel like clearing and organising your mind once in a while is one of the main steps on becoming a more happier and confident person. Once you've cleared your mind there is so much more space for happy and positive thoughts instead of all the 'yeah but I still have like 8483442838 things left on my to-do lists' or 'yeah but nobody actually cares about me'. There's just a lot more space left to focus on your current goal.

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★ 5 ways on organising & clearing your mind ★

1. focus on what really matters right now
focus on improving yourself, and stop caring too much about what others think.

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2. write thoughts down
keep up a daily journal for your thoughts

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3. get outside, meditate or do some yoga

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4. unplug from social media for a while
make some time to do the things you love, that make you feel happy, instead of checking your socials 384882 times a day

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5. talk it out
talk it all out with someone; with your best friend, your mom, or even your dog, just talk for a sec

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★ 2. feeling okay ★

Healthy living isn't all about having abs and eating smoothie bowls. Healthy living is also feeling good about yourself, having a good mindset, which a lot of people forget. You can workout 8 times a week, but if you don't decide to truly love yourself there's no way you're gonna be truly happy. 'Body goals' doesn't always guarantee happiness. You'll be happy once you allow yourself to. And guess what, you can decide to be happy anytime, because it's your life. You don't need to wait till 2019, you don't have to wait till next month, you don't need to wait till next Monday, you can start right now. The only person that's stopping you from being happy, is yourself.

Allow things to happen. Allow yourself to do more of the things you love doing. Allow yourself to rest. Allow yourself to feel good.

★ 5 ways on feeling better ★

1. put yourself first

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2. do more of what you enjoy doing

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3. stop allowing negative vibes to come into your life

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4. cry it all out if you need to, crying isn't a sign of weakness

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5. spend more time in nature

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article ♡

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