Hello!! Welcome to my second article. This one focuses on how I usually dress myself up and my taste in fashion.

Before I get started, I just want to express my appreciation to yall. The love and support that I have received from my first article motivated me to write another one. I am genuinely really thankful for those who took your time to read through the whole thing and even hearted it.

For those of you who have not read it yet, I will put a link down below for you to check it out.

My Signature Style

So, I am usually very casual. Most of the time, I would just wear a pair of jeans and top it off with my favourite grey turtle neck or the black ones.

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You can NEVER go wrong with white tops. I LOVE wearing a white shirt because it looks good with ANYTHING. No lie, it is an essential to have one.

From a formal event to a casual time at the beach, the perfect white shirt can be worn at any place at any time.

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I grew up with a mom who is OBSESSED with brown and those shades. So I guess you can say that I somehow got inspired by her.

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Honestly, I only have a few of these. However, i am currently investing on more culottes because they are very comfortable and pretty at the same time!

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Apart from those, sunglasses and rings are the ones that I'm currently into (too).

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As you can see, I am that type of person who prefers comfort over the unnecessary pain. But if you dont mind, then, you do you honey. Go rock those high heels because boo, you look beautiful and girl, you slay.

I have more, honestly. But it's late and i have school tomorrow (ugh). Have a great day and thanks for reading! xx

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