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Since you all seemed to like my last article 'If colors were girls' and some of you also wrote me in the messages, I decided to do the part 2, which I were already planning.

This is part 1, if you didn't read it and follow me and my collections too:



flowers, white, and tumblr image dress, wedding, and white image nails, white, and rings image aesthetic and white image Image removed tattoo image
rarely is this color a fav color from childhood, white tends to become a fav color at a transitional time in your life, preparing for new beginnings. This period may last for weeks, months or years. This personality color means that you're neat and immaculate in your appearance, you have impeccable standards of cleanliness and hygiene with a positive and optimistic nature; you're well-balanced, sensible, discreet and wise; catious, practical, careful with money; you think carefully before acting, you're not impulsive; you have self-control. You can be critical of yourself and others, but try to be fair and impartial; you're self-sufficient and a loner: you don't want or need help from anyone; you wish happiness in your life, and to re-create your childhood, youth and happier times of life; you hide your flaws to look perfect. The challenge for you is to be more flexible and communicate your needs and desires.

I'm sorry if the white personality type is too long, but white (and black) is my fav color and I'm actually so surprised because these features describe me perfectly !


purple, nature, and tree image clouds, couple, and Relationship image Image by Lucian hair, braid, and purple image purple, food, and macaroons image dress, fashion, and flowers image
you're sensitive and compassionate, understanding and supportive, thinking of others before yourself; you're gentle and a free spirit, you have a peaceful and tranquil quality and a quiet dignity about you; you're charismatic and energic, usually introverted and shy; you're creative and like to be individual, you love the inconventional, you're idealistic, with a great immagination, dreaming of a future and ideal fantasy world without the ugly side of reality; you inspire others with your ability to deal with adversity, you're intuitive and quite psychic, you look to the meaning of life, you're a visionary with high ambitions, dreams and desires and a compultion to help humanity.


girl, summer, and hair image theme image kiwi, drink, and fruit image end, fashion, and green dress image green, nature, and plants image couple, travel, and murad osmann image
you're a practical person with a love of nature; you're stable and well balanced, you're kind and generous, good to have around since you're calm and take control of the situation; you're caring to others, you're intelligent and love to learn, you're quick to understang new concepts; you have a great need to love and be loved; you have a need to belong, you like social and community groups, you have high moral standards and doing the right thing is important for you; you like to be accepted, appreciated and admired, you're loyal and a faithful partner, gentle but strong-willed; you're not a risk-taker but an observer, you love to work and details bore you.


donuts, food, and chocolate image autumn, fall, and tea image autumn, fall, and forest image girls, day out, and friends image eyes, makeup, and eyebrows image equestrian, gucci, and horse image
you're honest, down-to-earth and wholesome, steady and reliable, quitly confident; you're friendly and approachable, genuine and sincere, you take your obligations very seriously; you're a home body, family is extremely important to you; you like physical comfort, simplicity and quality, you're loyal and trustworthy, supportive and dependable; you're sensitive, sensual, warm and find it easy to open up to; you're hand-working, you also have sense of humor, you're materialistic, appreciating in everything, you don't like surprises, you feel uncomfortable about losing control and you don't like unjust or unfair situations. You have strong need for security and sense of belonging, you're comtemplative, you give reassurance to others.


black, fashion, and outfit image fashion, honey, and black image dark, grunge, and night image cat, black, and animal image fashion and street style image black, blk, and grunge image
prestige and power are important to you, you're indipendent, strong-willed and determinated and like to be in control of yourself and situations; you're conservative and conventional, you're non-emotional and give the appearance of a sophisticated person who is in total control, but you feel quite insecure, you like to keep people in a distance and create a barrier between you and others, you want protection from any negativity that surrounds you. You want to create an aura of mistery and intruge, you're sexy; you hold things inside and you're not good at sharing yourself with others; this color helps you hiding from the world, you're maybe in a negative phase of your life, you suppresse your own desires and aspirations, you're a rebel.

Thank you guys for reading and for the support ! Have you found your color personality? Let me know if you want.
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