There is a lot of ways to make world a better place.Here are they;

1-Plant a tree.
I want to this since i was a kid.Not just because i love nature,but because it will help our planet.And also,when doing this,you can leave an amazing gift to your planet after you die.

2-Stop eating meat.
I was a Vegetarian for 2 years and half.But sadly,i leaved this thing because of some health things.But it was the best choice i have ever done.

3-Donate blood.
This is on my before i die list.In my country,i need to be 18 for this.And next year,i will donate blood because it is so important and you can save a life...

4-Donate organs.
After you die,your organs will be useless,but if you donate them,they can save some people's lives.

5-Be more kind.
Be more kind to everything and everyone.If you see someone sad,talk to them.You don't need to know them,just leave a nice message and it will made tem better.