1. Salmon

flowers, peach, and aesthetic image peach, aesthetic, and peachy image peach, aesthetic, and peachy image girl, shadow, and aesthetic image

2. Aqua

blue, architecture, and art image grunge, hipster, and indie image aqua, blue, and cars image acquario di genova image

3. Lavender

flowers, purple, and aesthetic image lavender, lilac, and purple image macaroons, food, and lavender image flowers, purple, and lavender image

4. Latte

coffee, drinks, and food image shadow, aesthetic, and beige image aesthetic, flowers, and alternative image vintage image

5. Yellow

yellow image yellow, aesthetic, and shadow image yellow and hufflepuff image yellow, field, and nature image

6. Apricot

light, neon, and orange image peach, fruit, and aesthetic image orange, aesthetic, and style image quotes, orange, and tumblr image

7. Nickel

diamond, wallpaper, and silver image silver, cutlery, and silverware image elegance, grunge, and grey image theme, silver, and chain image

8. Navy

stars, overlay, and constellation image aesthetic, city, and pack image blue, theme, and aesthetic image blue image

Hope you enjoyed!