So here I am, with another article about music. This time it is about songs that i love and recommend to everyone! Listen and find a new taste of music! Enjoyyy.

Anarchist - YUNGBLUD

alternative, anarchist, and babes image 666, black, and clothes image

Believer - Imagine Dragons

imagine dragons and evolve image evolve, imagine dragons, and music image

Church - Fall Out Boy

church, fall out boy, and fall out boy lyrics image fall out boy image

Did you hear the rain? - George Ezra

rain, travel, and airport image boy, george ezra, and grunge image

Evil in the night - Adam Lambert

red, Devil, and aesthetic image adam lambert, cool, and red image

Fake you out - Twenty One Pilots

art, white, and black image twenty one pilots image

Glitter & Gold - Barns Courtney

Image by Fernanda Araújo barns courtney image

Hey Hey, My My - The Relentless

rock, rock n roll, and black and white image pentagram, rock, and satanic image

I love you, will you marry me - YUNGBLUD

Dominic, harrison, and I Love You image girl, Devil, and aesthetic image

Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley

prison image Image removed

Kiwi - Harry Styles

kiwi, wallpaper, and lockscreen image art, b&w, and hs image

Lovely - Twenty One Pilots

twenty one pilots and tyler joseph image twenty one pilots image

Message Man - Twenty One Pilots

Image by Jesus Christ twenty one pilots and tyler joseph image

Next to me - Imagine Dragons

beautiful, feeling, and inspiration image imagine dragons, band, and music image

Only Angel - Harry Styles

aesthetic, song, and one direction image Harry Styles, sign of the times, and one direction image

Pretty shining people - George Ezra

yellow, flowers, and smile image boy, men, and musicians image

Everything from Queen (i know, it is a band, not just song, but still you have to listen to them)

music image band, Freddie Mercury, and Queen image

Rise up - Imagine Dragons

black, rise up, and rose image dp, dr, and id image

Sink - Iwan Rheon

back and white, travel, and white image misfits and iwan rheon image

Two fux - Adam Lambert

Inspiring Image on We Heart It adam lambert image

Uma Thurman - Fall Out Boy

Image removed fall out boy, music, and uma thurman image

Actually, there is no song for V

Warhol - Palaye Royale

aesthetic, alternative, and black image royale and palaye image

No songs for X

Yesterday - Imagine Dragons
I got it from their album, idk if it is online

alternative, evolve, and Lyrics image art, artist, and artista image

No song for Z

I hope you liked it and do not forget to look at my other articles! Love ya!

Ema the Boneless 💖💖💖