dear B,

i'm sorry i felt in love with you unconditionally. we were way too young and i didn't know what i was doing. my heart did what it wanted and it wanted you. still want you.

i will never forget your brown eyes and how everyone looked at you because you were the tallest guy in school and in town.

i'm sorry i didn't say hello when you were sitting at your window and recognized me. that was the biggest mistake in my life. i'm sorry i ran into you and didn't say sorry.

i wrote so many text and poets about you but haven't in years. the years i haven't seen you but dreamed of you, no matter how i tried to forget you.

dear first love, i know you don't really know me but i will never forget you. wherever you are, wherever i will go, i will never ever forget you. you don't forget your first love so easily. i think i will forever compare other boys with you. boys who aren't you.

dear first love, i know you don't love me but i will always love you and you will have a little piece of my heart forever.

with this, i will let you go.