So this article isn't deciding who's better, its just some differences in England (where I live) so if any of the stuff about America is wrong, sorry!

Schools !

so first of all most schools in the UK have uniforms, whereas most schools in America don't (I think)
In England we have Years so eg. Year 1 consist of 5/6yr olds
We go from, Nursery, Reception, Primary School, Secondary School, Six Form/College and University.
We don't have a school bus :( make your own way to school they say!
In year 6 (10-11yr olds) we do a big test called the SAT's to determine what classes you should be in when you go to secondary school.
In year 11 (15-16yr olds) we do GCSE's to help us with getting a job later on
In some schools (mine) we pick our GCSE's options in year 8, some pick it in year 9.
So the core subjects are English, Maths & Science (in religious schools RE is a core subject as well) anyways I'm gonna move on..

Words !

we spell 'color' with a 'u' so its spelt, colour
we call 'refrigerators', fridges
most people don't have driers, we obviously have washing machines
most people have their washing machine in their kitchen
we call 'soccer', football

aesthetic, baking, and tasty image
these are cookies!

we call 'apartments', flats
we call 'trunk (of a car)' the boot
we call 'recess', break
we call 'pants', (underwear)

also we have a queen who runs the country, not a president

Sooo I think you guys got the idea of that!
Mainly where I live its alwaysss raining or cloudy like its so sunny in some parts of America !!

I'm going to stop now, there may be a pt 2 another day but for now byeee