Once, I asked mom: How to deal with this sh!t mom? I want to travel, I want to discover the world! The school things get me overwhelmed! I feel like I'm DONE!
She said, in a surprising calm way: Wednesday evening, you have any plans?
I said: No, continuing to be surprise.
She said: cool than!
After two days I asked her again: Where are you trying to do now? You know I hate shopping!
She said: Wear your gorgeous dress and follow me.
I did what she said.
After an hour, she told me: You will discover places you didn't even dream of.
So she took me to a bookstore!
I said: Mom? Seriously?
She didn't say a word. She picked tree awesome books and she said: Read.
I didn't want to. After a week, I got curious to know what's inside. Suddenly, I felt like turning the pages start to be a comforting to a teenager girl like me.
I started borrowing books every single week. I gave up on social media in a while. And I started to live a Great life.
Two years after that, I had to travel to an other city and be a college girl.
That night, she was making cup cakes for me so as to celebrate my maturity. I was reading on the sofa, looking at her gentle hands from time to time. I sneaked into the kitchen and hugged her. I whispered: Thanks Mom! Because of you! I can travel with no money.
She said, trying to hide her tear: The book seller will miss you honey!
I said: Never mind, he can travel for a while too, waiting for me to come back. Maybe I can draw him a world that can make him always remember me. I laughed.
-If you read that, Mom, Thank you !