"Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures..."
~ Lewis Carroll

Hello! I love travelling and going new places (not that I've done that much of it) so I thought it would be fun to make a list of where I wanna go when I'm older! Some might be a bit cliché but oh well.

Vienna, Austria

Goddamn this country looks so beautiful, honestly like something out of a film. It's just my dream place, with mountains and old buildings and coffee houses. The only con is that I literally can't speak any German.

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Toronto, Canada

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I actually fell in love with this city through watching Kalyn Nicholson on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-CZmKnJbjGWAzJd6cIVUMg). It just looks like such a cool and friendly place to live. And I love the cold weather anywhere.

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New York, USA

A little cliché I know, but honestly who wouldn't want to travel here? Literally everyone's dream.

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Tokyo, Japan

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I've always wanted to go to Japan ever since I was little, because I love watching anime and researching Japanese culture. It just seems like the most magical and interesting place to live. It does seem a quite expensive place to stay, though.


I would love to visit every Scandinavian country, but Norway seems especially beautiful. It's always been my dream to go at Christmas to watch the Northern Lights and see Polar Bears (I've heard it would be especially cold and dark in the Winter but that's just a great excuse to hibernate at home- introverts ya feel me?)

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Pretty damn beautiful, right?

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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I'm actually planning to go here in May which is super exciting. I remember reading Anne Frank's Diary when I was younger and being really interested in the city and its history (yes I'm really lame). Hopefully I'll be able to see the museum as well! It just seems like such a pretty and creative city to live in.

New Zealand

Taking a break from the cold, NZ seems so peaceful and green, just a country that you'd immediately fall in love with. I'd love go there someday, but hopefully I'd be prepared for the 24 hour plane journey (and that's the minimum time).

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A cool fact: No matter where you are in New Zealand, you're never more than 120 km from the sea!
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Happy Hearting! I hope you have a lovely day or whatever time you're reading this.

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