Hi everyone! First of all, I want to thank you for your support on my first article. It makes me feel really good to know that my story helped you or inspired you or just made you have a different point of view.

Today I'll share with you the start of a process: finding myself.

Oof. That sounds pretty scary, doesn't it?

I've come to realize that there are some aspects about myself (VERY important ones) that I don't know about, and that's a big problem. Knowing who you are and finding yourself helps you because you know what you want in life, you know your beliefs, your dreams, your way of perceiving the world. This way, you will avoid lots of bad situations and negativity (or at least that is what I want to believe).

So I want to share with you this journey so that maybe you get the motivation to do it as well. This will be a slow process, of course, but the results will be amazing, I'm pretty sure about that.

Stay tuned! Again, thank you for reading this post. Stay healthy and loved.

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