day 6: five ways to win your heart

I contain this to if a boy wants to win my heart. (I think the question could also be about if someone wants to be your friend or smth?)

1. show me that you like me
uh oh I already know this whole day 6 is gonna be very strange, because some of you might think that this point is an obvious thing, but for me, it's not. The boy should show me his interest by asking me for my number or talking a lot to me and so on. That's already a good step if he wants me to fall in love with him.

2. give us these romantic moments
I watch too much tv series, but I think y'all know these moments. After a date, and they don't know whether they should kiss or not. And then they look each other in the eyes and.. that's so cute omg. What I mean with that is that if he realizes it's such a moment (doesn't have to be necessarily about kissing), he shouldn't destroy it, and just be quiet or say something cute in that moment. Thanks!!

love, couple, and kiss image

3. be able to show your feelings
I'm not able to do it first, so he has to do that. Simple as that.

4. remember small details I once have told him
I think everyone likes the feeling when someone remembers a detail of one of your stories. That's awesome, let's be honest.

5. have a cute laughter
I think it sounds harder to reach this point than it actually is. Everyone can have that cute laughter, it's just about to do it in the right moment.

franco, freaks and geeks, and james image
I love James Franco so much

So, that's it. Hope u enjoyed it, and c u tomorrow! xx