you may not admit it. You may think you are over it. But what if The Song would play in the radio, what if you saw Him, what if you found your old conversation, what if you got the chance to look into his eyes again. Would you still feel so over him ? I knew it.
I have always told you I'm going to stand by your side no matter what, no matter how much it would hurt I would take that pain away.
And I was so happy that you found someone new. At least I thought its a good thing. But honey, you need to stop.
Stop telling to your new boy that he is same as your ex, if he was you wouldn't be with him I promise. He cares, he wants to take that pain away he wants to help you. But you are pushing him away.
You are my best friend and I know what are you going through without you telling me.
You need to realize that your heart is still in million pieces and you just can't hide it and act like nothing is happening. It's impossible.
Darling just breathe, just realize you found somebody totally different and somebody who IS NOT YOUR EX.
Stalking him, making senseless fights and not believing him is not going to help you.
Just tell yourself : I have moved, I am somewhere else with somebody else and my past has no access here. I will be happy and I will love more than I ever did.

This article is dedicated to my best friend who just got out of one relationship and got into new one right after. I love her but I can see how she is not over her ex and she is killing herself and her new boyfriend. But I believe she is going to be happy one day.