Hey everyone! Today i wanted to share my Sunday routine. This article is inspired by one of my favorite YouTubers, @kalynnicholson . In her Sunday routine videos, Kalyn refers to Sundays as her "GYST" days. For those of you who don't know what this means, GYST stands for "Get Your Shit Together" and i feel like it's a great way to wrap up the past week and prep for a new one. Of course, you don't have to GYST on Sundays, it can be any day that you feel like you need it. So here goes my version of GYST :

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Check out Kalyn's channel, it's amazing!

Set Your Intentions

The first thing i like to do on a Sunday morning ( or afternoon , we don't judge night owls over here) is to set my intentions for the day. I like to lay in bed and think about the tasks i'd like to complete this day. Then i get up and write them down in my planner, in a list format , splitting them in categories : university stuff, chores, beauty.

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Natural light always lifts my mood, so make sure you get some light and fresh air after you wake up.

Yoga / Meditation / Light Workout

So i've been trying to implement some sort of exercise in my morning routine for a long time. Whether you like running around your neighborhood , hitting the gym or doing yoga like me, getting your juices flowing first thing in the morning is super beneficial for your body and mind.

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Breakfast and getting ready

For me , breakfast is a really important part of any morning routine. As a busy uni student, some days there is no time for a full , filling breakfast before having to leave the house. So on weekends i make sure to treat myself to a nice, cozy breakfast and a hot mug of coffee. It's usually the time i will also check my phone, social media and favorite YouTube channels. Then i like doing my morning skincare, skip makeup and wear some comfy lounge wear (not pajamas, they make me sleepy and definitely not productive).

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Uni Related

Personally, i prefer starting with the tasks that need to be done by Monday, deadlines, any studying etc. If you have the time, it is also a good idea to review everything you learned in the past week. This way, you'll feel more prepared and stay on top of your work.

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Get the harder tasks done first!


Nothing really special here, what chores you have to do usually depends on each person's life. For me, they involve cleaning and tidying my entire bedroom, dusting off the library, changing my sheets , etc.

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Making sure your work area is also clean and tidy, boosts your productivity.


Get a face mask, a hair mask, do your nails, wash your brushes, soak in a bathtub filled with bubbles, there are so many options and things you can do to treat your body and pamper yourself! I usually do most of these as well.

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Treat Yo Self!

Just Chill

After your GYST day, feel free to relax and really do things that relax you and make you feel good. Watch a movie or series, read , go out, or do nothing at all , whatever works for you!

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Relax, knowing that all your shit is together.

That concludes my Sunday routine , or GYST day! I really hope you enjoyed this article and that it gave you some inspiration to create your own routines. See ya soon!