Today I’ll be discussing why I think water is wet. This is a recent topic that has come up and many people are now debating about it.

I’ll give you the definition of wet, however, there are a few different ones so I’ll only put a couple as others aren’t to do with this topic(they’re about a person’s character)
Wet :
Adjective: Covered or saturated with water or another liquid.
Noun: Liquid that makes something damp.

Obviously the noun definition is easier to discuss. Water is a liquid and when it goes onto something it makes it damp (slightly wet). So by this definition, water is wet.

Now for the adjective:
Saturate means when a substance combines with another substance. If you had one drop of water on a table and then added another drop of water to it then the two drops of water would join together; they’d be saturated. Therefore, water is wet.

However, others counter these arguments because ‘wet’ and ‘saturated’ have so many different definitions. There is no definite yes or no answer because there are good points for either side. Certain definitions of the words contradict others so it is very hard to come up with a definitive answer but I’d be here all day if I argued for the other side as well. By the way, this is more of a jokey article than a serious one.
Hope you enjoyed this article.