Okay so here I'm again with my this month favorites. But this time I've decided to put here not just style and quotes but also some tv shows, books, songs,etc. So here we go.

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Okay so images of the month are quite simple. The end of February was pretty rough. The guy I mentioned in last favorites left. I was sad but like, I realized I am a hella woman. I am nineteen and I am young creature and I have to dream about my life, make those dreams come true and not to be obsessed on love.


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tv shows

htgawm image
-I just started with this one but I like it so much !!
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Who wouldn't love this?!!


- this song is in czech language but Annet has some covers in EN
check her out!!!

Okay, so I guess this is it. I have my senior year exams next week (13th and 14th) so think about me I hope I am going to do well! Love you guys and see ya in next article! LUV YA