I saw @ravenclawmel doing this, and I'm bored and find that self expression gives way to creativity for me. So here I am. Here's some things about me.

1. Coffee or tea?
- Tea
2. Black & white or color?
- I live in color.
3. Paintings or drawings?
- Paintings
4. Dresses or skirts?
- Dresses
5.Books or movies?
- Film
6. Pepsi or coke?
- Not big on soda. But Pepsi.
7. Chinese or Italian?
- Chinese food, Italian men
8. Early bird or night owl?
- Such an early bird. I get so grumpy at night.
9. Chocolate or vanilla?
- Vanilla
10. Introvert or extrovert?
- Extreme extrovert
11. Hugs or kisses?
- Kisses
12. Hunting or fishing?
- Hunting
13. Winter or summer?
- Summer
14. Spring or autumn?
- Both so good, but spring
15. Rural or urban?
- As I've gotten older, I've appreciated rural more
16. PC or Mac?
- Mac all the way. The PC operating system is garbage
17. Tan or pale?
- Sunkist glow. So probably tan.
18. Cake or pie?
- Cake
19. Ketchup or mustard?
- But have you ever mixed them both? Probably ketchup if I could only live with one, though.
20. Sweet pickles or dill?
- Dilly
21. Comedy or mystery?
- Comedy
22. Boots or sandals?
- Sandals. I wear my birks year round.
23. Silver or gold?
- Gold
24. Pop or rock?
- Rock. Pop punk really. Alternative.
25. Dancing or singing?
- Singing with movement
26. Checkers or chess?
- Checkers, but I'm not a games girl
27. Board games or video games?
- Again, more for chilling than games. But video.
28. Wine or beer?
- Wine. The pink stuff.
29. Freckles or dimples?
- So hard to choose. I like my dimples more though.
30. Honey mustard or bbq?
- Honey mustard baby
31. Body weight exercises or weight lifting?
- Weight lifting.
32. Baseball or basketball?
- Baseball. I don't like either, but the feeling you get at Fenway is magical
33. Crosswords or sudoku?
- Crosswords, with themes
34. Facial hair or clean shave?
- A nice 5'oclock shadow
35. Crush ice or cube ice?
- Cubed
36. Skiing or snowboarding?
-Snowboarding is cooler but I actually ski
37. Smile or game face?
-My game face is a smile
38. bracelet or necklace?
- Necklace
39. fruits or vegetables?
- Fruits
40. sausage or bacon?
- I don't eat meat, but bacon is better
41. scrambled or fried?
- Don't do eggs either, but I always preferred fried
42. dark chocolate or white chocolate?
43. tattoos or piercings?
- It's funny, I always wanted lots of piercings but as soon as I got my first tattoo, I've preferred them. Now I have two.
44. antique or brand new?
- Brand new that looks antique
45. dress up or dress down?
- Dress down. My wardrobe is mesh shorts or adidas pants, depending on the weather.
46. cowboys or aliens?
- Just watched brokeback mountain, so cowboys
47. cats or dogs?
- Kitties. Dogs are sweet but so unhygenic
48. pancakes or waffles?
- Waffles baby
49. bond or bourne?
- Bond I guess. Not an action girl myself.
50. sci-fi or fantasy?
-Sweet sweet fantasy baby
51. numbers or letters?
- Letters. Always letters.
52. harry potter or lord of the rings?
- I've been into both, but Harry Potter is more my generation
53. fair or theme park?
- Fair. In my town, it's the only interesting thing to happen all summer.
54. money or fame?
- Oh, the fame
55. washing dishes or doing laundry?
- I have a washing machine and dishwasher, so both are easy. Laundry feels less gross
56. snakes or sharks?
- I want a snake so bad! New apartment doesn't allow reptiles though
57. orange juice or apple juice?
- Usually apple, but lately, orange.
58. sunrise or sunset?
- Sunrise marks a new beginning
59. slacker or overachiever?
- I finish everything fast so I can slack. I look like an overachiever, but I know I'm secretly a slacker
60. pen or pencil?
- Pencil
61. peanut butter or jelly?
- Preserves
62. grammys or oscars?
- I prefer music to film, but I always enjoy the oscars more
63. detailed or abstract?
- Abstract in theme, detailed in scenery
64. multiple choice questions or essay questions?
- Essay
65. adventurous or cautious?
- adventurous
66. saver or spender?
- I save up to spend a lot on a big thing, like my ice skates
67. glasses or contacts?
- Glasses. I do have them, but it's not a very strong perscription
68. laptop or desktop?
- Laptop for sure
69. classic or modern?
- Took vague. Next!
70. personal chef or personal fitness trainer?
- Fitness trainer
71. internet or cell phone?
- I never use my phone at home. Internet for sure
72. call or text?
- Call
73. curly hair or straight hair?
- long, bouncy curls
74. shower in the morning or shower in the evening?
- Morning. My hair won't dry if I sleep on it.
75. spicy or mild?
- Honestly, mild
76. marvel or dc?
- Marvel!
77. paying a mortgage or paying rent?
- Right now I'm renting, but my dream is to own property someday.
78. skydive or bungee jump?
- Bunjee. No sky diving for me.
79. oreos or chips ahoy?
- Oreos only because I'm vegan
80. jello or pudding?
- Pudding. Who the heck likes jello?
81. truth or dare?
- Truth
82. roller coaster or ferris wheel?
- Rollercoaster, wheeee!
83. leather or denim?
- Why don't you ask my favorite summer outfit, my Canadian tuxedo?
84. stripes or solids?
- Florals actually, but stripes.
85. bagels or muffins?
- Bagels
86. whole wheat or white?
- Gotta do wheat because I'm healthy uhg
87. beads or pearls?
- Pearls? Who likes beads? They're for little kids
88. hardwood or carpet?
- Carpet, mmm
89. bright colors or neutral tones?
- I seem like a bright colors girl, but I only wear neutrals
90. be older than you are or younger than you are?
- Just a little older. Just a tad. But I like being 18.
91. raisins or nuts?
- Nuts!
92. picnic or a nice restaurant?
- A picnic, but like, Japanese conveinience store picnic foods
93. black leather or brown leather?
- Black I guess
94. long hair or short hair?
- You clearly haven't seen my hair. Loooooonger than long.
95. "ready, aim, fire" or "ready, fire, aim"?
- That's a stupid question. One of those doesn't even make sense.
96. fiction or non-fiction?
- I like going into fake worlds. Fiction
97. smoking or non-smoking?
- Again, stupid question.
98. think before you talk or talk before you think?
- I'm so impulsive that my mouth just runs. I'm sorry (that was a lie)
99. asking questions or answering questions?
- Answering, by far
100. sea or mountains?
- I live in the mountains, so the sea is a real treat!