I want to start this article with an image, which is so meaningful on the one hand and beautiful on the other.

Image by thessa

This picture tells so much, without saying a word, about despair, suspense, sorrow and fear. All those feelings are an excellence description for the sense of being simply lost in yourself. Don't you ever wonder about the reason WHY? Better don't, babe because it gets you nowhere. Just remember: don't compare yourself to others, live you're life because its worth it and it doesn't matter who's by your side as long as you are and love yourself. Also keep in mind that there is no destination, life is a journey.
Everybody wants to reach happiness as life goal, isn't that true? But how is that possible while also feeling an insecurity about yourself and deep sorrow as well?
In my opinion the photography shows an possible answer, including the discovery of a person who gives you security, consolation, understanding, attention and the feeling of being special and worth it. If you're lucky enough to find that person, also called soulmate colloquially, better never let go. But in my opinion, this can't be the complete answer, because firstly we're all just human beings which contradicts being this perfect. Secondly, assuming that you actually find a person to love and care about, what are you supposed to do in case he leaves one day?

Based on this thought, I arrive at the conclusion that it's not the easy but the necessary step to find back on your way and especially back to yourself: your strengths, your interest and your personality of course, because that's you and you're f*cking wild and f*ucking awesome.

i'll probably write a second article to give examples how exactly its possible to get back to yourself. stay strong, XX