I've been a bit deflated of inspiration lately, so I've decided to start the 30 Day Writing Challenge by themermaidwriter (at least that's who I think started it.

Day one: "Explain the meaning of your name"

In French and Latin, Mallory means unfortunate or ill-fated. I've always known this about my name, and found it incredibly ironic. I'm a very lucky person, but I think my insufferable charisma has a lot to do with that. I'm a natural butterfly, so networking has given me many gifts that I view as sheer luck. Most of the good things in my life came by the chance of talking to someone new.
In German, Mallory means war counselor. As a natural born leader, I find this to be fitting. As a maternal person, being a counselor comes very easily to me.

In Scottish, Fraser means strawberry flowers, or of the forest men. The Fraser clan in Scotland was very powerful. I still have blood from the original clan in my family. My grandfather has our crest still. As a traditional woman, I know that someday I will adopt my husband's surname, but being a Fraser is a great sense of pride. We are the men from the woods, with guns in our hands and scotch in our glasses.

My name undoubtedly makes a lot of sense for the person I am.